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Introducing a Smart Delivery Platform and Driver Network

In order to deliver same day with precision and scale, GT has developed a ‘smart’ technology platform called our Precision Matching System.

It is able to match specific customer delivery criteria − type of product, size/weight, special vehicle/licensing requirements, and delivery day, time and location − with the ideal (licensed) driver, vehicle type, location and route.

The Precision Matching System includes a cloud-based, three-tiered architecture with the following components:

  1. An SQL-based database to capture and manage all delivery data;

  2. Sophisticated, proprietary middle-ware to analyze delivery matching criteria and optimize delivery routing; and

  3. An API for customizing delivery functionality and integrating with e-commerce systems.                       ​​

Delivery Platform Interfaces: Businesses and individuals can access all the GT  functionality, including placing and managing orders, through a Web browser or user app (for both Android and iOS devices). Businesses may also integrate existing online ordering or e-commerce systems into GT’s platform via an easy-to-use, fully documented API.

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